When You Move

by Watercolor Paintings

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This album was recorded mostly in Seattle by Briana Marela, with assistance from Gordon Baker (July 2013). Move me, Cherish, and Landslide were recorded in Oakland by Davyd Nereo (August 2013). Mixed by all three aforementioned people and mastered by Davyd.

Cover art by Mallory Watje.
Insert imagery by Carolyn Sohn.
Center label by Andrew Richmond and Katherine Keeler-Hodgetts.


released November 20, 2013

All songs written by Rebecca Redman.

Performers include: Rebecca Redman, Josh Redman, Mallory Watje, Erin Birgy, Gordon Baker, Taylor Wingett, Zach Burba, Briana Marela, Paul Rey, Eliot Burk, Cameron Hostetter.

The very end of Landslide borrows lyrics from Lumber Lung.





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Track Name: Patterns
Patterns surround me
as we sink into walls.
I keep rolling into the permanent dip you
shallowly left
oh, honey you left
I've got somewhere for you to lie in;
a place anybody could hide in.
What do I do that's so scary?
Days are days, but the nights are lonely.
Love doesn't matter anyway.

You're leaning so confidently.
Why won't you call?
Patterns make me crazy.
Track Name: Fall
The leaves outside can all change color,
but these vinyl things all stay the same.
When they're ready to fall,
the dead branches all can say:

If you're ready to take your first steps into this world,
like the birds, you will fail when you try.
Be prepared to fall flat on that face,
When you wake up, the scars might never go away.
Track Name: Birds' Wings
Our legs stop moving and our lungs fill up inside.
We can't see around these curves; we can't trust these lines.

No more talk for the lonely,
forget that I exist,
I'm a brick.
No more breathing.

No more love for the lonely,
forget that I exist
my weight shifts,
limbs are bleeding.

Can you carry my weight up this steep incline?
Do the roses work?

Meet me by the trees.
I'll watch your hands move, watch your hands make things.
And if we met five years ago or so,
but our mouths never exchanged names,
was it meeting at all?
Did you feel it at all?
The days are getting longer now.
The girls are sitting up now.
How do we form these words our mouths speak?
These words sweet,
these birds' wings slow our bodies while we sink.
Track Name: Livid Being
If ever I wake a few hours before you,
all I can do is watch the movements of your eyelids.
As they tell me emotions you're dreaming,
the content somehow controls your breathing.
So wake up living being.
The smell of sleep takes all the feeling.
Why do we fall asleep angry?
"Don't know how to talk now," we say.

If we try and we try, we could get by,
but why would we try?
If we try and we try, we could get by,
but why would we?
Oh, this bitter, silent streak.
woe serial me.
If we try, if we try, if we try

we'd sink into
the thoughtlessness you threw me,
all your kisses blew right by me.
You absorbed into me,
took all my love, gave me nothing—
but your sincerity.
You're simply soldier.
You turned out to be
a simple human,
can't talk about your feelings.

But I can feel the bodies get so tense,
I feel restless in my own movements.
First sign of insecurity:
you turn away from me while we're sleeping.

So wake up livid being.
Cut my words in thirds, I'm reeling.
The difference between what we say and what we mean,
what we say and what we don't know how to say.
Track Name: Red Scarf
Woman with the red scarf around her neck,
here we go.
Long coat and long arms to fill it.
I don't believe in anything more powerful than choices.
You'll never find me trashed;
I don't even think about that.
Don't need anything to make things better.

So we trace circles with our fingertips on each other's spinal cords.
Spell out words like, "Hello, darling."
With words like, "hello" and "darling."

We will learn to need each other.
We will learn to fall.
We will learn to need each other.
We will learn to fall a little.

And I can't wait to tell you
how the wrinkles 'round your eyes make me blush.
And I can't help but realize
that our bodies just get older,
and if we keep leaning over,
we might never feel alive.
Track Name: Move Me
Glass break for me.
Give my mouth one hundred feet
and I will meet you at the bottom of the ocean.
The sea level will rise when all our bodies are inside.
All these things we consider,
you spend all your time in the water.
All these things we consider.

So take my small hands
and place them over your heart.
Use the nails
to rip out everything you could live without.

Oh, take my blood line down.
I want to take you lying down.
Take me, oh move me,
take a seat down where you want to be.
If the clock says we should be asleep,
it's the perfect time to undress me.
With all these things to consider,
you'll live in a van by the river.
All these things to consider—
in my mouth one hundred feet,
I will meet you at the bottom of the ocean.
The sea level will rise when all our bodies are inside.
Track Name: Showers of Stones
You always know what time it is,
you're a clock.
A diary of dead things.
There's more to bodies than muscle and bone.
Danger's real, we know little about it.
What we know, we ignore.

Time is beginning and this morning is June.
It's a time that is strangely new.
In these seconds, I have lived a lifetime
in a house with stones falling inside.
Can't decide what to live like,
living my life with sick insides.
Whatever walks here walks alone.
Showers of stones.
Track Name: Big City
Oh, big city,
why won't you swallow me?
Oh how they wasted me.
Oh big city,
why won't you swallow me?
Oh how the west ruined me.
We build maps of our days, careful construction.
Oh, but how we get plucked from them.
From this big, dark, old ocean.

So won't you look at me instead of staring blankly?
Oh transparency, tell me, "do you want me?"
I'm sick of lying on my side,
staring into empty green eyes.

Oh, and I can see your bones through your skin.

Oh, cartography, tell me, "do you want me?"
This big water can disrupt anything.
All I wanted from this city
was the prove that I could be ready.
Track Name: So Dark
Don't you forget me.
You promised you wouldn't.
I fear if you do,
you won't leave me any room to regret.
Oh in this room,
it's always so dark, I can only see when you move.

And don't you forget me.
Won't you forget everything?
I wake up in the morning.
I wake up in the morning and feel like I could sleep through the evening.
Please tell me
that you won't forget me.

My heart, it keeps breaking over and over.
My heart, it keeps breaking over and over.
My heart.
Track Name: Yr Hands
I swear your hands are the best thing about you.
They know how to talk so well.
And your funny long legs and torso like a prayer can't compare to
deliberate movements made by hands I know well.
Oh, and all this hair grows on your face, in your nose,
but you keep it so trim, oh how it wants to grow.

And if you're not gonna call me anymore,
please gather your wits, darling, and tell me.
All this hurting is good for nothing.

And I've been known to write a heartbreak of a song.
If I sing it when I wake, oh boy, you'd be mistaken
'cause it's not the answer to your bad communication.

But obviously there are babes in every city
who would love to love to see me in the morning
when our mouths taste funny.

So leave the door closed, it's warm out finally.
Leave the door closed, it's warm out finally.
My big eyes could never see through your stale motions.
Trash your body, fry your mind, I can't believe I wasted time
on an empty heart made of zip ties.
Track Name: Cherish
If you cherish it, you won't forget.
If you cherish it, you won't forget
that if you're crazy when you realize that life is hard—
oh it is so.

do you think, you think you would recognize me?
Oh, do you think, you think you would recognize me
after all these days without seeing my face?

I feel like I'm doing all the wrong things with my time.
I feel like I'm doing all the wrong things with my time.

There have got to be people I want to want me
somewhere in this big city.
And the days go by,
and there must have been hundreds of them
since I have felt anything, anything,
since I have felt anything for anybody.

Do you have arms?
Have you got the charms
to lift it up all over your head?
And if you cherish it, you won't forget.
If you cherish it, you won't forget
that if you're crazy when you realize that life is hard—
oh, it is.
Track Name: Landslide
Gravity pulls my breast to my knee.
Someday we will live under the landslide.
Ocean over one shoulder, hills on the other side.

Oh, here you are, the moon.
You can take it now or later.
Keep your head above the water
if breaking hearts is all you set out to do.

And if you don't want to come over tonight,
you could sort out all these things in your life.
It feels like I'm saving all my nights for someone who will never come.

I don't want a lover who won't explore me,
cut me open, take intimacy.
Take this body and make it worth something more than its beginning and ending.
Take this body and make it worth something more.