Birds' Wings

from by Watercolor Paintings



Our legs stop moving and our lungs fill up inside.
We can't see around these curves; we can't trust these lines.

No more talk for the lonely,
forget that I exist,
I'm a brick.
No more breathing.

No more love for the lonely,
forget that I exist
my weight shifts,
limbs are bleeding.

Can you carry my weight up this steep incline?
Do the roses work?

Meet me by the trees.
I'll watch your hands move, watch your hands make things.
And if we met five years ago or so,
but our mouths never exchanged names,
was it meeting at all?
Did you feel it at all?
The days are getting longer now.
The girls are sitting up now.
How do we form these words our mouths speak?
These words sweet,
these birds' wings slow our bodies while we sink.


from When You Move, released November 20, 2013
Rebecca Redman - guitar, vocals
Taylor Wingett - guitar
Mallory Watje - bass
Erin Birgy - drums
Briana Marela - vocals
Zach Burba - Rhodes




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