Oh, big city,
why won't you swallow me?
Oh how they wasted me.
Oh big city,
why won't you swallow me?
Oh how the west ruined me.
We build maps of our days, careful construction.
Oh, but how we get plucked from them.
From this big, dark, old ocean.

So won't you look at me instead of staring blankly?
Oh transparency, tell me, "do you want me?"
I'm sick of lying on my side,
staring into empty green eyes.

Oh, and I can see your bones through your skin.

Oh, cartography, tell me, "do you want me?"
This big water can disrupt anything.
All I wanted from this city
was the prove that I could be ready.


from When You Move, released November 20, 2013
Rebecca Redman - guitar, vocals
Taylor Wingett - guitar
Cameron Hostetter - guitar
Mallory watje - bass, vocals
Erin Birgy - drums




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